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This newsletter is to let you know what is happening Outside The Circle.
Outside The Circle is the name chosen to represent the art I do.

My website will soon be updated to reflect the new work.  Please take a look.
You can find it at http://www.marthasartstudio.com

My Webmaster is still on the job and waiting for more info and pictures from me. (So busy!)

Unfortunately, the artist featured here has passed away and this website will not be updated.
I'm putting it online for those who would like to see some of her work.
AML Leukemia is what took her, just 30 days from diagnosis.
She knows the Lord and in in His hands today.


A new piece from the survivor series made it’s debut at the Ocala Art Group’s Member’s show at BCCA. Harry Messersmith, a noted sculptor from Deland, Florida, juried the show. I was pleased to find the work received a first place ribbon. “Memories Stored in Jars of Tears: A Place to Come in From the Rain” is an enclosed sculptural piece made primarily from various types of glass, metals and wood. As with each piece in the survivor series, a photograph of the survivor is an integral part of the piece. The viewer is invited to peer through the distressed jail like bars of an open door into the world of this particular survivor. This survivor has painful memories neatly but securely stored and symbolized by a row of clear glass vials containing various liquids. Some liquids have “flotsam” floating or encased within. The vials are arranged neatly in a row on a metal shelf. Underneath the shelf is a somewhat menacing row of bayonet like spikes. If a jar should get jostled and fall off the shelf, it is sure to be skewered and broken, spilling the memories and the tears. Although the architectural aspect of the work is similar to a cage or bird prison, most of the bars have been removed, the door is open and there is an escape ladder protruding from an upper compartment. This piece was the piece of choice of a new gallery owner in St. Augustine. The OAG Juried Exhibition ran from August to Oct 18th.

I have just delivered three new pieces to All About Art Gallery in Belleview, Florida. They are not in the current survivors series. These are part of an environmental series. The paintings reflect a close up view of flowers and leaves.

Three figurative pieces are on loan to a Doctor’s office also in Belleview, Florida. These works are life drawings in charcoal and conte. They reflect movement and mood with a minimum of lines.  The doctors have shown interest in purchasing the pieces but at this time, they are still available to sell to the public.

“Just a Look Away” is a new large sculptural piece currently on display in “Masks and Scenes from Elsewhere” exhibit in the Brick Gallery in downtown Ocala. The show runs from Oct 28th- Nov 22nd, 2003. The opening reception is Oct 30, 5-7.

“Just a Look Away” is a large piece made of copper tubing, copper wire, screen and various metallic paints. It is 50”x38”x34.” The work stands alone and requires a display area large enough to view from a distance of five to eight feet in order to experience the full impact of the piece. This work was a big hit with a group of artists that were visiting from Orlando, Jacksonville and Gainesville. They were given permission to photograph so they could share it with colleagues in their respective areas.

Coming Soon:

My next showing will be “Sunlight and Shadows” at Brick City Center for the Arts Gallery located at 23 SW Broadway St., Ocala, FL 352-840-9521.  The exhibit opens on Dec 2 and closes Dec 22, with the reception on Dec 4.

The first exhibit of the New Year will be a Fine Art on Broadway members Exhibit called  “Brush With Art V: Something Old Something New,” on Jan 5, 2004-Jan 17, 2004. The opening reception is 5-7, January 9. This is exhibit requires two pieces, one from an earlier time and a current piece. My earlier piece will be “Baby After The Bath.” This is a 16x20” Oil on Paper. This monochromatic painting of a baby was one of the first paintings I completed. I painted it in 1979, while as an art student at Hillsborough Community College. The later piece will be “Granny’s Plight.” You can view this on this site.

January 12-February 27, 2004, I will have one or two pieces at the President’s Gallery at Santa Fe Community College in Gainesville, Fl. Artwork entered in this event will be Judged by Kerslake, a well know regional artist and professor at U.F. The Reception for this exhibit is 4-6pm, January 16. I have not yet selected the pieces for this show. I plan to show a new piece in this event.

At the same time, I will have work at the Art Exhibition Hall at Trinity United Methodist. This is the first time I have exhibited at a Church. The show dates are: January 13-March 28, 2004. It will be at the Second Floor Art Exhibition Hall at Trinity United Methodist Church 4000 NW 53rd Avenue Gainesville, FL 32653 Ph# 352-376-6615

Other News:

I have just joined Women’s Caucus for the Arts (WCA). This is a national and state organization that promotes women’s issues. The membership is open to male and female artists. I will be showing work in their various exhibits throughout the state of Florida. The first opportunity would be a traveling exhibit and juried exhibition that will be shown in Ocala and in Kissimmee, Florida.

Recently, I added another layer to my involvement in the arts. After a year and a half of showing my work at the Brick City Center for the Arts Gallery in Ocala, Florida, I have become the new Exhibits and Events Coordinator. In my new designation, I chair committees, coordinate extra “hands” plan and execute events, work on themes for future exhibits, receive and hang all the shows. Not to mention conceiving and hosting the themed receptions. This is a 30-hour
Weekly commitment. There is more to it but suffice to say, I am on the other side of the gallery experience now. This has shortened some of my studio time but it also enhances my view and experiences. Previously, I have been involved at a couple of galleries as a volunteer or on a committee so the experience is a natural transition. I have tried to continue my work as a member of the board of OAG and with other groups, but it is obvious, I am no longer able to attend all the meetings or do all the work involved with setting up workshops, etc.
  I also teach classes for St. Leo University. These have increased from one to three classes. In addition, I do some Continuing Education mini classes and workshops at Central Florida Community College.

I believe that the experience of life informs and enhances my art and so I continue to welcome all of life’s inroads. However, as the year winds down, I will have to reassess my goals and obligations.

 Works are always on display at my primary gallery, "All About Art Gallery."  All About Art is located at 5162 Abshier Blvd., Belleview, Fl. (352) 307-9774.

Martha Ulakovits

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